Destination: Iceland

Photo credits: Diana Robinson


Ever since my 23-hour layover in Reykjavik last spring, I have been wanderlusting over Iceland—it’s definitely in my top 10 list of international travel destinations. As such, I have started sporadically collecting resources for when I ultimately plan a trip back.

If you’re wanting of inspiration and/or motivation to get to this mystical, magical country, you may begin by looking here and here.

Now that we’ve settled that, below are some links that will help you plan your Iceland excursion.

One of the first resources I always go to when planning a trip is the official tourism site. In addition to the main tourist guide, the NorthSouthEast and West regions of Iceland all have their own site.

If you plan on driving—and you probably should—the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration website is also something with which you should likely familiarize yourself. It is updated daily with road closures and conditions due to the ever-changing weather.

Some of my favorite materials to read when trip planning are posts from people who have been there!

A few of my favorites are from Matt Long of LandLopers, Matthew Karsten of Expert Vagabond, Nomadic Matt and Alex Cornell, who is also the talent behind this awesome short film.

Some additional helpful resources are Tiny Iceland, I Heart Reykjavík and The Travel Hack (for what to pack and a whole lot more).

Sidenote: THIS is where I stayed in Reykjavik, and I would go back in a heartbeat. Visit the KEX website here.

Happy planning!

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