Hi! I’m Kaitlyn, and feather + fir is my personal blogging project. Atlanta, GA, is where I call home.

I’m an artist, graphic designer, maker, novice photographer and, above all, a hopeless victim of wanderlust. I find inspiration everywhere I go, and I go a lot of places just to find inspiration. I believe that the only way to truly to inform and expand your worldview—to find yourself and your place in this world—is to see it first hand.

Simply put, this blog is a window into the creative lifestyle; a nod to that impulse some of us have to constantly go and see and do and make.

To that end, this blog covers a wide range of topics; everything from design, fashion and styling to mental health, wellness and, of course, traveling. I write about the things that make me happy. I write because my creativity drives me in a lot of directions, both literally and figuratively. I write out of a need to create and curate, and if others may enjoy the fruits of those pursuits, all the better.

Follow me on my creative adventures.



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