National Singles Awareness Day

It’s 10 days away. I know. What? How? When? Alas…

In general, I tend to regard (or disregard) Valentine’s Day as just another day on the calendar. If we’re being honest with ourselves, it’s really all about February 15 anyways, when the heart-shaped Reese’s go on sale.

But as it were, this year I have plans to go back to Raleigh and throw down with some old cronies. So if you’re like me, and looking for V-Day gifts for your gal pals more so than a significant other, this post may be of interest to you.

I am in love with these heart charm necklaces at Edge of Urge. EoU is a shop that I used to frequent in the Mordecai neighborhood of Raleigh, and before it their original location on Market Street in downtown Wilmington, NC.

At first glance, they’re sweet and demure. And then you read them. And if you have a sense of humor like mine, you literally LOL. They are perfection.

Find more… erm… spunky? versions in their online store, here.





P.S. Mug in featured image can be found here.

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